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Rules & Regulations for Local 113,1.B.E.W. Hiring Hall Effective 1/1/05

I. Signing and Re-Signing Out-Of-Work-List:

1. Each individual must sign the Out-Of-Work-List at the Hiring Hall, in person.

2. For an applicant to sign any of the four books, he/she must meet the requirements as specified in the appropriate agreement, standard referral procedure.

3. Sign-in anytime during regular office hours.

4. A registrant must be available for work in order to qualify to sign any book. By re-signing registrant indicates he has been continuously available for work.

5. The re-sign will be the first working day of each new calendar quarter (January, April, July and October). A grace period of the first fifteen days of each new quarter will be allowed. The re-sign may be in person, by mail, e-mail
( or fax (719) 633-2553. Mail, fax or e-mail must be received between the 1st day of the calendar quarter and close of business on the fifteenth day.

II. Job Attached Status

1. Per Article III Section 3.18 of the inside CBA an employee may if offered by the employer, accept a JOB ATTACHED STATUS to the employer for no longer than 60 calendar days.

Members on "Job Attached Status" must bring their layoff slip to the union hall within 3 working days and sign the job-attached list. Your valid referral depends on this action. If or when an employee returns to work, notification to the union hall by phone is required. If an employee does not return to work within 60 days his/her referral is no longer valid.

III. Dispatching

1. All manpower requests will be recorded on Voice Mail. The applicants for employment can review the calls by dialing (719) 633-3872 and accessing extension 16 after 5:30 p.m. each evening.

2. Dispatch for permanent and short calls will start at 8:00 a.m.

3- Applicant's interested in a particular call, will be required to place their name on the Day Book not later than 8:00 A.M. the next workday. You can place your name on the daybook in person, or by telephone. After 5:30 P.M. call 633-3872 go to extension 16 clearly state your name, spell your name, state your classification, local union number and slowly leave a telephone number where you can be reached between 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon mountain time. Only those applicants eligible for calls will be notified. If you place your name on the Day Book by telephone and are eligible for the call, you must pick up your referral not later than 9:00 AM the second work day (48 hours) following the placement of your name on the Day Book, You must be on the out of work list to place your name on the Day Book. Referrals not picked up will be offered to the next eligible applicants).

IV. Short Calls

1. Separate short call book shall be kept, whenever the dispatcher or Business Manager deems it necessary, to make the system as fair and reasonable as possible.

2. The short call referral procedure requires placing your name on the Pay Book in person.

3. Short calls will not exceed fourteen (14) calendar days.

V. Rotation of Out-Of-Work-List:

1. Employee that voluntarily quits a permanent job will re-sign at bottom of the appropriate list.

2. Employee that is terminated for cause will re-sign at bottom of the appropriate list.

3. Applicant rejected by an employer shall maintain his/her place on the Out-Of-Work-List.

VI. Appeals

1. An appeal to the Appeals Committee must be submitted in writing and not more than five days following the alleged


Address: Appeals Committee
c/o Local Union #113,1.B.E.W.
2150 Naegele Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Appeal Committee Members
Union Member: Brian Murray
Employer Member: Susan King
Public Member: Thomas Jagger
Business Manager: Mike Ham