Are you interested in working over seas?

January 24, 2011

If you have ever considered working over seas; now might be the time to apply. If you apply and get contacted now - it would take about 2 months or so for the Security Back Ground Check to clear. Some military bases are going to expand over 9000 troops and they will need skilled craftsmen to support their infrastructures.

A journeyman/ foreman makes in the neighborhood of $141,000 a year, with a 90 day on and 21 day off schedule (you can get more than 21 days off with special permission).

If you think you might be interested - apply at , go to LOGCAP 4 positions. Submit your resume for the job you want; and then send Charlie Johnson or Mike Ham your Brass Ring Number (candidate number assigned to you) with a copy of your resume.

There are a lot of I.B.E.W. members from all over working over there.